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At COSMICTECH, we believe data is a valuable asset and there is more to data than just collecting it and reporting on it. You need to be able to convert raw data into meaningful and actionable information, knowledge, and insights. The ability to accurately and efficiently use that data provides an organization with critical insights needed to make the best decisions and improve business operations.

COSMICTECH’s expertise helps customers to uncover and unlock the value buried in the enormous data available. Our industry leading thought leadership and expertise helps you quickly harness the data which results in positive and impactful data-based decision making. 

COSMICTECH brings advanced technologies and proven, domain-relevant processes that enable enterprises to put data analytics and AI to work to digitally transform their decision making and business outcome. We provide full lifecycle services which includes data management, data reporting, data visualization, and data governance. 

COSMICTECH also provides a diverse array of business intelligence services ranging from basic reporting, mapping, and charting to the development of advanced web-based dashboard. 


Our services use next generation technologies such as big data, cloud and machine learning which enable enterprises to put AI to work to digitally transform their organizations. We can accumulate and process massive amounts of data and via the Cloud, apply AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms to create useful insights – helping our customers make better business decisions and advance their missions.

COSMICTECH engineers have the experience and expertise to help our customers define their data and business intelligence strategies and systems, including metadata management, data governance, development of data collection and management systems, data warehouse development, and implementation of big data platforms. Our data scientists are versed in the latest technologies including JavaScript, jQuery, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Python, R, STATA, Hadoop, and MongoDB among others. From simple data collection, to data visualization, to complex analysis and machine learning, we solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.

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